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    The Xbox 360 SMC

    The System Management Controller (SMC) is a microcontroller located in the Xenon Southbridge. It provides reliable and robust system control functions. The SMC is always powered from the regulators fed by the standby rail in Xenon’s external power supply brick. It communicates with the system CPU via the System Management Module (SMM). This interface is described in XBox 360 Southbridge System Management Module (SMM) Design Specification. The SMC detects many of the errors explained in this document and the SMC shall behave as described in the error classes section below.

    SMC Duties

    A few of the duties of the SMC include the following
    • System power supply and voltage regulator control
    • System reset and clock control
    • Audio clamp control
    • XSS access to the hardware real time clock (RTC)
    • Decode Infrared (IR) remote protocol
    • Temperature monitoring and fan control
    • Front panel IO (power, eject and binding buttons)
    • Console orientation detection (tilt switch)
    • Communication with Front Panel Module (NV storage, LEDs)
    • Audio/Video Interface Port (AVIP) monitoring
    • Control of and access to system I2C Bus
    • Control of and access to AV Pack I2C Bus
    • Optical Disk Drive (ODD) tray control
    • Southbridge PCI Express PLL programming
    • Rudimentary system tests and diagnostics
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