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    Repairing a BGA pad?

    I am sorry for the French translation ...
    I do macbook repairs for several years and I was starting to piled motherboards with BGA replaced. So I decided to purchase a kit reballing ( [Only Registered and Activated Users Can See Links. Click Here To Register...] )

    Unfortunately (fool that I am) I started with a MBA15" i7 and after spending the braid desoldered I notice that several pads disappeared
    Here are some pictures :
    [Only Registered and Activated Users Can See Links. Click Here To Register...]
    [Only Registered and Activated Users Can See Links. Click Here To Register...]

    There are 2 on the PCB and the CPU 1
    After scraping, added tin I could not get them repaired
    I'd really saved this motherboard because I really need
    I watched some videos to pads repair but no on a CPU so I wonder if this is possible or if it is a waste of time? ...
    If so can you recommend me a kit that has proven am please
    thank you in advance

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    Re: Repairing a BGA pad?

    If you are lucky the pads may not be needed but if they are I don't know of any way to repair them any wire links would push up and lift away other connections.
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    Re: Repairing a BGA pad?

    Hi Friends !

    If you are thinking about BGA Pad repair then I must tell you that the BEST Pad Repair kit includes the tools you needed to replace lifted or damaged surface mount and BGA pads on PCBs. This is a very versatile kit which includes 3 different tin plated circuit frame patterns that will meet the needs of your BGA and other pad repairs requirements also.

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    Re: Repairing a BGA pad?

    The BEST ( soldering supply company will have what you need for this , note this is not easy task by any means sometimes is necessary to use low melt solder with hot air after your repair pad is in place ,as Tellyman pointed out hopefully you got lucky and the pads are not connected , please check your boardview for NC. It is a MUST to remove your edge bonding epoxy before you lift chips . I see that it is still present on the board, that would more than be the reason for lifted pad.
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