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    PS4 Launch Model Disk Drive Issue (disc drive no power wont accept discs)

    Hey guys, so I have a weird one. I have been working on PlayStation 4 since they come out. I have fixed almost everything that hasnt required BGA soldering. Just a little background.

    Now this particular PS4 had a broken HDMI port. It was replaced and it works perfectly. Upon reassemble the disc drive stopped taking in discs. Now I have seen this before and it has ALWAYS been the BD drive daughter board or the BD drive itself. I first replaced the BD Daughter board to see if the drive would start accepting discs before I started soldering the chip over to a new donor board. Still same symptoms.

    Next I replaced the BD drive with a different one that is known good and working and still will not accept a disc. No sounds no nothing from the BD drive.

    The next thing I did was take the BD drive and daughter board to a completely different PS4. It works normally. So then I replaced all the ribbons and power cable even though they looked good. Still nothing.

    I checked the connector on the motherboard where the flex cable goes in and it is fine nice and tight. At this point I am lost. I went back and checked all the fuses on all the daughter boards we had thinking maybe they were all bad but they all tested good.

    I am completely lost on this one. Can it be something on the main Board? I have never seen a schematic for PS4 so I dont know if the mAinboard has any parts that control the drive. I also have NEVER seen a PS4 that the disc drive issue wasnt the drive itself or the daughter board. Im lost!


    Edit - I wanted to add if the unit is off and you go to put a disc in the unit will power on but it wont take the disc in. The system beeps turns on and that is it.

    Also if you hit the eject button on the BD drive daughter board it does give you the triple beep.



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