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    make a 2012 screen fit in 2013 macbook air "13

    Does anyone know if I can install a 2013/14/15/17 left hinge cable tree and antenna rail (isight, wifi, bluetooth...) in an 2012 display ?
    I have a 2012 screen and dont want to buy another one if I dont need to. The lvds is the same I think.

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    Re: make a 2012 screen fit in 2013 macbook air "13

    The LCD panels themselves are interchangeable, but antenna cable lengths are different. You can just desolder the antenna cable from the antenna bar, then just pull the wires out of the shielding along the bar and slip it through the hinge. Next take a cable the right length, slip it through the hinge and solder it on. Then just use the remaining foil and push it down over the new wires to hold in place. Can use kapton tape as well to help hold it down. I've used 2011 13" lcd's in newer 2013, 2014, 2015 systems.
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