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    Macbook Pro 13" A1708, (820-00840-A)

    Hi there.

    This Macbook has backligth but no image, also on external display.

    Seems that all voltage are present, but PPVCCGT_S0G voltage is present during half a second at boot.

    EDP_INT_AUX_N and EDP_INT_AUX_P have a burst of pulses also at boot. (measured near cpu)

    I think the flex ribbon cable could be damaged, but as it have no image on external display, I'm not completely sure.

    I wonder if could be backligth voltage If flex ribbon cable is damaged.

    One weird thing is that there are pulses in pin 1 of coil L7410 but pin 1 of L7420 and pin 1 of L7430 has no pulses.

    Can work display without this 3 phases pwm working?

    Thanks for your help



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