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    This discussion board is an open source of information we hope you can use to make you more productive. Please approach it with a positive attitude, be respectful of others and understand that we're doing our best to monitor all posts to ensure that this remains a professional and neat environment for everyone. We expect you do your share to keep this space as professional as possible.

    Any spamming could result in a immediate lifetime ban, specially for new accounts below 5 posts.

    Any discussion of piracy will result in posts being deleted and the user receiving a warning.


    Illegal links will be immediately deleted by a moderator and the user posting them will receive a warning. This includes firmware links.

    Do your best to post in the right category so we can keep moving forward and smoother.

    All posts must be in English whether you can communicate with efficiency or not. You can use Google translate if you dont handle English very well.

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