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    Automated EFI Patching Tool

    Working on an automated Apple EFI patching tool written in python3. Didn't feel like buying a CMIZapper, so wrote this instead. It can change the serial number, which will also fix the hwc field and correct the CRC32 checksum for the Fsys block. It can remove firmware locks / clear NVRAM, and clear the ME Region. The supplied ME Regions are mainly untested and could use some testing / feedback.

    If you have EFI's you'd like to see supported, please pm a dump file for analysis and I can easily add support.

    I don't use a hirose adapter to do my flashing. I physically remove the efi chips from the logic board and plug them into a USB programmer for reading/writing. But in theory, this should also work on current raspberry pi setups or other tools that plug directly into the jtag sockets that are running some variation of linux / flashrom etc.

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