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    820-3437 missing PM_SLP_S4_L because PP3v3_SUS is missing.

    This is a liquid damaged board that was dead with no green light.

    Replaced SMC and have green light and S5 rails including pp3v3_s5.

    No S4 rails because BIOS chip is not getting power from pp3v3_sus

    But pp3v3_sus is not short.

    It looks like pp3v3_sus is enabled by p3v3sus_en, which is missing.

    It looks like p3v3sus_en is created by pm_slp_sus_l which is also missing.

    And it looks like pm_slp_sus_l is supposed to be coming from the CPU/PCH.

    I also noticed PM_RSMRST_L is missing, but that looks like pp3v3_sus is required before that signal is present. Maybe I am wrong though.

    PPVRTC_G3H is good.

    RTC_RESET_L is good.

    PM_DSW_PWRGD is good.

    Can't find any shorted rails.

    That's about as far as my amateur brain can go. Any tips?

    SMC_ADAPTER_EN = 3.3v
    PCH_SRTCRST_L = 3.3v
    PCH_INTVRMEN = 3.3v
    PCH_DSWVRMEN = 3.3v
    PCH_INTRUDER_L = 3.0v
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