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    820-2914 Stopping Short on pin 2 L9560 PP1v5_S0_ISNS_R

    Trying to gain some traction on this board that had video problem , I have good known chips so I still work on these.

    Replaced Video chip 2x , on the second time I also replaced the Vram with same model samsung it shipped with.

    I'm still getting distorted boot screen , no os loading the distortion is identical after both chip changes.

    I found short on L9560 when I remove the short is gone on pin 1 but pin 2 straight path to ground which is not correct.
    u9500 is not the problem cause short gone when coil is removed pin 1 .

    L9560 goes to xwd180 which feeds to lots around the video chip and other side vram and adjacent caps and resistors (PP1V5R1V35_GPU_FB_ISNS !). I have also removed 3 caps C9560 65 66 after pin 2 still short.

    I was thinking of injecting voltage on this line at the coil pin 2 pad 1v 1amp possible increasing amperage. Think this is a good idea or maybe I should invest in a sensitive ohm meter to look for voltage drop with PSU
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    Re: 820-2914 Stopping Short on pin 2 L9560 PP1v5_S0_ISNS_R

    What about he MUX ic? Have you inspected it yet? Try to tap it with finger when you see distorted image.



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