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    820 00165 no audio

    Hello again,

    liquid damaged board. Somebody worked before on it. SMC seems reflowed, reballed or replaced. Before I temper with this I want to exclude all other possibilities. Knownd good I / O Board and flex. I/O Connector on the logicboard looks good. pp1v5 audio is present as is pp5v audio. I can also find them on the I/O Board.

    hda_bit_clk on r1310 - is about 0.7 V
    hda_sync on r1311 - 0V
    hda_rst_l on r1312 - 1.5 V
    hda_sdout on r1313 - 0V

    all resistor values are good.

    I never before had an issue like this and don't know this circuit.

    What makes me scratching my head:

    values of r1920 and r1921 are good but

    r1921 is 0V as to expect from 0V on r1313
    r1920 has 5v on pin 1 but 0V on pin2 (no short to gnd)

    q1920 has 1.5v on pin3 and 3.42v on pin 2.

    Any ideas ?

    all the best,




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