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    820-00165 Missing PM_SLP_S4_L

    I am working on the a MBA 13 2017 no signs of water damages. First has no green lights on the MagSafe charger I replaced the SMC I have a green light but missing PM_SLP_S4_L. I measured voltage on U6100 at Pin

    U6100 Chip.

    1. 0.701v
    2. 0.283v
    3. 0.112v
    4. gnd
    5. 0.204v
    6. 0.284v
    7. 0.104v
    8. 0.101v

    Missing PP3V3_Sus at U6100 at U8020 PIN 6 missing PP3V3SUS_EN. PP3V3SUS_En is coming from the PCH. I don't know where to start because the board has no signs of anything of corrosion or component burnt out.

    Updates: These MBA 13" 2017 won't turn on when everything is un-plug not like the 2013-2015 model turn on automatic when you plug the MagSafe adapter. LMAO! Everything is working now. SMC replacement and R1270 and R1275 ultrasonic plug in everything and Voila turn on.
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    Re: 820-00165 Missing PM_SLP_S4_L

    Hi, so what did you plug into the board to get it to turn on?



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