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    00163 No Backlight

    This was sent in with liquid damage. I have 5v on the LCD detection filter, 5v in to the backlight driver, BKLT enable present, continuity along all these backlight traces, the voltage divider for the first transistor isn't being shorted by the driver. If I manually short it, I get 12V on the backlight because driver is still not telling the second transistor to switch power on the coil. I am stumped. LCD is definitely the right year, done NVRAM reset everytime and I see flashing folder with a flashlight. Replaced driver multiple times including at the same time as the mosfets. Using new drivers everytime from the same batch so I tried a donor board no change. I2C lines to the connector are good now, had to replace the connector but diode mode looks good now. TIA!



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