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  1. Re: Dell Alienware 15 R2 power supply shorts LA-C91

    Hi Friend.

    Based in my experience and adding you dont have any schematic of this board you could use an esr meter (i have atlas esr70) to check any mlcc shorted or connect the motherboard to a...
  2. Re: Need help with MagSafe2 60w MacBook pro charger

    I close this thread.
  3. Re: Need help with MagSafe2 60w MacBook pro charger

    Sorry for the late reply.
    I attach a new cable and now the charger is working ok.
    Thanks so much!
  4. Re: Need help with MagSafe2 60w MacBook pro charger

    Ok, on weekend i'll solder a new lead and post result here.
    Thanks so much sargflower.
  5. Need help with MagSafe2 60w MacBook pro charger

    Hi friends.
    I have the charger for repair due to cable damage.
    I disassembly it and when i test output voltage with multimeter on the board i get 0.565v. if i invert the
    probes of multimeter i get...
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    Re: HP all in one 20-c410

    Hi friend.
    Please send the motherboard number that's printed on it so i can look for an shchematic.
    An example number on hp motheboards is 6050A24*****-MB
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    Re: Asus GL502VS Short to Ground

    Hi friend.
    I dont have schematic for this board. Do you have any esr meter to test ceramic capacitors?
    I ask you this because the fault you have on motherbard probably be a shorted cap. If you...
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    Re: Alienware m17 r4 - No boot

    You should program both bios and ec chip with a programmer. You need both bios dumps.
    If you can not get it, in ebay you can buy both chips programmed, only you need to solder on the mobo.
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    Re: Lenovo Yoga 2 13 La-A921P

    Hi friend.
    It may be a bios corruption problem.
    You can try to update the bios using an eeprom programmer.
    Post results after.
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    Re: dell 3521 7 beeps

    Hi friend.
    By the synthoms it seems you have a video card problem with the notebook.
    As a definitive solution i will replace the graphic card chip.
  11. Re: Razer Blade Stealth Battery FPC connector Replacement

    Hi friend.
    I've been looking on internet without luck.
    It's like a fpc connector, but i can't find a new one with the same shape as the photo.
    I think you should get the motheroard schematic and...
  12. Re: Bios file - convert .EXE file to BIN or ROM

    Hi VollGatter.
    On a windows machine download the "bios.exe" archive
    Open cmd with administrative rights and change to the directory where the bios.exe is, using cd command.
    Write "bios.exe...
  13. Re: Asus Q551LN Blown DC jack Through-hole

    Hi friend.
    I find an asus laptop schematic on google only to have an idea how dc jack is connected in most asus motherboards because i not find the schematic of your model.
    Based on my result check...
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    Re: Acer Aspire 5536 black screen

    Problem was cmos battery. Had 0.7v only.
    I replaced and now the notebook starts ok without problems.
  15. Re: Acer Aspire 5250 turn on 3 seconds and shuts down

    the customer of the notebook was kind of hurried so in the time i had the motherboard on the lab
    cant find the solution besides the help posted.
    I appreciate the help received.
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    Re: Acer Aspire 5536 black screen

    dear i apreciate your help.
    gonna make aditionals measures on motherboard.
    the gpu its ok and bios its ok too.
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    Acer Aspire 5536 black screen

    I try flashing bios chip, reflow amd graphics chip and same synthoms.
    Motherboard is jv50-pu mb 48-4ch01-021.
    Try also vga output with same results.
    The computer starts, fan cooler starts and then...
  18. Re: Lenovo Yoga 3 14 won't power back on unless battery & ac are disconnected

    I think your battery needs to be replaced.
    Try this things: test your cmos battery voltage. If is below 2.5v replace it.
    Then turn on your notebook using a Lab Power Supply. This is to test your...
  19. Re: HP Probook 6550b not turning on - Blinking light

    Hi kimlo.
    I dont understand well the fault of the notebook.
    Which light is blinking? Charger light, power button light or Caps button light?
    First of all please disconnect everything of the...
  20. Re: Acer Aspire 5250 turn on 3 seconds and shuts down

    Ok, i will start by find schematic first and then i will do what you suggest. After that i post results. Thanks
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    Sticky: Re: Bios Request/Share Thread

    alanduy21 i send the bios you request. Its for Dell 7547
    Hope this help.
    If you need any help please tell me
  22. Acer Aspire 5250 turn on 3 seconds and shuts down

    Motherboard is P5WE6 LA-7092 REV 1.0.
    I suspect its a I/O chip problem. When i receive the notebook the chip was like the photograph i attach. I cleaned with isopropilic alcohol but the motherboard...
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    Re: Sony Vaio SVE141C11U no image on lcd

    Problem is fixed, i close the thread
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    Re: Sony Vaio SVE141C11U no image on lcd

    Decided to reflow graphic card chip and the problem get fixed.
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    Sony Vaio SVE141C11U no image on lcd

    The notebook only display image by vga.
    All fuses near lcd connector on motherboard have been checked and they are ok.
    Try other lcd with similar results.
    Bios has been re-flashed with latest...
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