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    Re: 820-3115 quarter fan spin

    Do the current/voltage sensing circuits look reasonable?
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    Re: 820-3662 missing PPBUS_G3H

    You'll have to find out which rail is shorted. Check them one by one.
    You said you haven't injected power yet?
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    Re: 820-3662 missing PPBUS_G3H

    What PM_SLP state does the board go to?
    Do you get ALL_SYS_PWRGD?
    If you think the CPU is toast it will get all the way thru the power up sequence and to CPU VCORE.
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    Re: 820-3662 missing PPBUS_G3H

    Is PPBUS_G3H OK at around 12.6v with the fuse removed?
  5. Re: 820-3115 PPBUS_G3H still missing after ISL rework

    I think its because you're a fairly new member.
    Can an admin allow access please?
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    Re: 820-00840 pulsing P3V3S5_EN

    I've checked PP1V_S5G and this is shorted to ground.
    I'll inject some voltage and see what gets hot.
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    820-00840 pulsing P3V3S5_EN

    I've got this clean board which doesn't power on as PP3V3_S5 was pulsing.
    I've traced this to PP3V3S5_EN pulsing.

    So far I've got:

    PPBUS_G3H 13v
    Charger 20v 0.01A
    PP3V3_G3H 3.4v
  8. Re: Dell Alienware 15 R2 power supply shorts LA-C91

    I've got the schematics which helps a lot. Shame I don't have the board view, but most of the components are marked.
    I've injected a voltage onto the 19v rail, but its a dead short so I get a low...
  9. Re: 00165 - Trackpad works Keyboard doesn't

    Check the keyboard connector on the board with a microscope.
    Also check the ribbon cable from the board to the trackpad.
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    Re: 820-3115 smc_bc_acok is 0v

    It should be pulled up? Check R5087. You are getting PP3v3_S5?
    This is normally generated by U7000, but I see you've removed it.
    Bear in mind that this is also used on the onewire to get power from...
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    Re: 00163 No Backlight

    Stepping back a bit, what voltages are you getting from F7700, thru R7700, Q7706, L7710 and D7701?
  12. Dell Alienware 15 R2 power supply shorts LA-C91

    Got this Alienware that wouldn't power up, but now shorts the power supply and the blue light on the charger goes off with a crack noise.
    Obviously a short somewhere, it's not the internal charger...
  13. Re: 820-2610 runs on Lion but crashes on Mountain Lion

    This sounds very much like a graphics issue.
    If an EFI ASD passes, but the OS ASD fails to load, this usually indicates a graphics problem.

    There were changes to the way drivers were loaded in...
  14. Re: 820-00165 Bios with Clean ME region dump

    Try Ghostlyhaks
  15. Re: 820-2915 not charging, lagging, keyboard unresponsive

    Common problem for slow systems is a water damaged trackpad.
    Also try without the BIL connector.
    Can you run EFI ASD on the MacBook?
  16. Re: 820 - 2915 mystery to me - [ fan spin, video(backlight) but not posting/chiming ]

    I use a SkyPro programmer which works well with Windows and is pretty quick.
  17. Re: 820 - 2915 mystery to me - [ fan spin, video(backlight) but not posting/chiming ]

    Try flashing the SPI ROM with a new clean image as it looks like it is partially booting
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    Re: Macbook Air 2018 Parts Needed

    Yea, it's all a bit too new.
    I googled A1932 and got nothing at all came up.
  19. Re: 820-3330 Screen data image problem , Apple logo then dark grey screen

    Check SMC_LID signal
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    Re: 820-00875 USB not working

    The fact that neither port works would indicate it's not the CD3215A10 that's at fault.
    It must be something that is common to both ports.

    The other other thing I can think is to refresh the SPI...
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    Re: 820-00875 USB not working

    Have you tried a USB meter on the port? Just interested to see if the volts/amps look OK?
  22. Re: A1534 Macbook Retina 12" compatible keyboards

    Thanks for the suggestion, but not sure how to fix that. I'll try SMC reset again.

    If this doesn't work I'll sell this keyboard on and buy a 2015 model instead.
    The 2016/2017 appear to be black...
  23. A1534 Macbook Retina 12" compatible keyboards

    I've got a bad keyboard in a Macbook. As soon as it gets to the login screen, it shuts down.
    I believe it's the keyboard backlight. I've tried another keyboard and it works OK.

    So I've ordered a...
  24. Re: 820-3332 - Trolled by the SMC (PECI sensors jumping from 60 to 100 degrees Celsius in OS)

    I presume it works OK in bypass mode?
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    Re: 820-2936 no sound device

    Is everything else on the Macbook working OK?
    I've seen audio being dragged down by other things that have failed.
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